A healthy body, a healthy soul,
a healthy mind

Sport goes beyond the body; it transforms who we are in our soul and also in our spirit. Speaking of spirit, let’s get spiritual and talk about that other game which is “Life”. From the cradle to the grave, we go through trials and competitions with discipline, willpower and self-sacrifice. Alone or as part of a team, we’re all looking for solutions.

But what if, first and foremost, we asked ourselves a few questions about the game of life: how do you play? what are the rules? what’s the purpose, and above all, how do you become the winner? Find out in this book from Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum.

A disciplined
and hardworking

Z.T. Fomum was exceptional in many fields. He was a university professor, a scientist, an eminent teacher on prayer and a man of uncommon spiritual experiences. He was a team leader and apostle of a successful missionary work and movement.

God is the master of history. He is accomplishing His great ang mighty purposes. There are no accidents in history.